Writing a Great Blog Post

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Your blog is a key content mechanism present on your website. Going all the way back to the original days of the internet, blogging (or weblogging) has been a fantastic way to quickly get content onto your site.

On your Dom Kirby Creative site, we may have categorized your blog posts to fit your business and brand (such as tech insights, news, thoughts, etc.), but they are all still blogs. A great piece of content solves a problem, and a blog post is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your ability to solve problems.

Finding the Right Topic

Because you're writing about what you know, this part is easy! Here are some ideas to aid you in research:

  • Recent relevant news (such as cybersecurity)
  • Developments in your industries (compliance changes, recent technology, AI, etc.)
  • Recap an event you attended and how that's going to empower you to be of service
  • For MSP's: Technical tips are MASSIVE. Quick tips on Teams, a cool/helpful feature in Outlook, something to that effect.

Formatting Your Post

In general, you should just write in a way that will eloquently solve the problem you're talking to the audience about. However, there are some good tips to keep in mind:

  • Take advantage of Headers. Heading 2 should be used for main points, heading 3 should be used for sub points
  • Everybody uses paragraphs, but not everybody uses them well. Don’t start each new sentence on a new line just because it looks nice. Also, try not to make them too lengthy, as each paragraph should have its own idea or subject. Ask yourself what the main idea of each paragraph is. You should be able to summarize that main idea in one sentence. If that’s not possible and you need more sentences to explain the main idea, you simply need to use more paragraphs.
  • Proper headings also help your readers understand what a specific part of your text is about. If you want people to find their way through your articles, use subheadings to lead them. Subheadings help readers scan your page, and clarify the structure of your articles. They’re not just important for readability, but for SEO as well. That’s why I would also advise using your keyword in some of the subheadings. I do mean some of them, as using your keyword in every heading will make the text clunky and unnatural. This will put people off reading further.
  • As a general best practice, try to keep it to less than 300 words per heading
  • Think of your blog post like a short story, make sure it has a structure
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion
  • Use related keywords. If you're writing about CMMC, spread CMMC and related keywords (like DFARS) throughout your article
  • If you’ve already written content on the same topic as your current post, don’t forget to link to and from these posts. It will make your new blog post, and the existing posts, stronger because you’re showing authority on the subject. As well as that, your link structure is also important for your rankings in Google. And let’s not forget that linking to other content about a subject is great for your readers, as they may be interested in reading these related posts too. It helps them navigate your site.
  • Peer review: Before publishing your post, make sure to let someone else read it first. Ask them whether they understand the main concept of your post and invite them to correct any typos and grammatical errors. This can help you by providing an objective view of the readability and attractiveness of your text. If you have someone in your team who happens to be an expert on the topic you’re writing about, make sure to run your post past them. That way they can check whether you’re covering everything you need to and give suggestions to make your post even better.

Pro tip: Draft your articles in Word before WordPress. This will avoid frustration if your browser crashes or you experience an internet outage. Check out this article for tips on drafting in Word.

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